Sons Of Perdition In Prophecy

The English word perdition is used to translate the original Greek word of the New Testament pronounced a-poh-lia meaning condemnation and eternal death. The apostles Peter and Paul used the term, translated as either perdition (King James Version) or destruction (Revised Standard Version) in contrast to salvation and eternal life. They emphasized that it's a knowing choice - there will be none in the Kingdom of God who did not choose to be there by their righteousness, and there will be none destroyed in the lake of fire who did not choose to be there by their wickedness.

Freedom of Choice: Salvation or Perdition

Sons of Perdition Identified

Although it seems that there are going to be many sons, and daughters, of perdition, three are identified specifically, one from Bible History who has been dead for nearly 2,000 years, and two from Prophecy who are very likely alive in the world today. Jesus Christ referred to Judas Iscariot as a son of perdition, and the apostles Paul and John wrote of two end-time sons of perdition who will be working in union (see Revelation 13), one a great religious leader, the other a great political/military dictator.

Judas Iscariot:

The end-time Beast (a great charismatic political/military dictator, the leader of the last revival of the ancient Roman Empire - see Daniel's Statue i.e. "Der HERR, der Gott der Hebräer, hat mich zu dir gesandt und gesagt: Laß mein Volk ziehen") and the Great False Prophet (a great religious leader, who lives in a "city of seven hills," who will perform Satan-powered miracles) who together will deceive much of the world into fighting the Messiah ("they will make war on the Lamb," see below) at His return:

Fact Finder: What will be the fate of the two prophetic end-time sons of perdition, the Beast and the Great False Prophet?
Revelation 19:20

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