When The Final Countdown Will Begin

The countdown to The Return Of Jesus Christ actually began the moment that He left. Since then, each passing day is one day closer to that great event. Many people through history have speculated and made precise predictions of when it will happen, and one after another they were proven wrong because they were unaware of, or chose to ignore, that the Messiah clearly said that no one, no human, no angel, not even Jesus Christ Himself, no one except the Father knows when it will happen (Matthew 24:36). The Bible does however provide a very simple clue of when Christ's return will be exactly 3 years and 6 months away - the beginning of the ministry of the two witnesses.

The Ministry Of God's Two Witnesses

The powerful, miracle-filled ministry of God's end-time two witnesses (who will be two modern-day human beings, just as every single one of God's Prophets have been throughout Bible History e.g. Elijah was a human prophet of his own time, John The Baptist was a human prophet of his own time - see The Elijahs) will last 1,260 days, which is 3½ years. The return of Jesus Christ will happen shortly after those two prophets are martyred (angels can't be killed, so those who claim that the two witnesses will be angels have an unworkable theory, just as those who have come up with the idea that the two witnesses are somehow the Old and New Testaments) and resurrected in Jerusalem.

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Matthew 24:1-31

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