Heshbon was an ancient city in Moab located about 20 miles / 32 kilometers east of The Jordan River and the north end of The Dead Sea. In early Bible History, the Amorite king Sihon captured it from the Moabites, and then the Israelites took it at the end of their Wilderness Journey, not long before they crossed the Jordan into the western section (see Eastern Tribal Lands) of the Promised Land. The ruins of the town are still visible.

The first Biblical mention of Heshbon is when Sihon captured it:

Sihon then made the mistake of refusing simple passage of the advancing Israelites under Moses:

Under the Israelites, Heshon was among the cities in the territory of Gad that were set aside for the Levites:

In later years, by the time of Isaiah, Heshbon was taken back by the Moabites:

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