Magdala was a fishing town located on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee (see photograph). It's variously known as Magdala, as in Matthew 15:39 in the King James Version, while the Revised Standard Version, and most others, have Magadan in that verse. During the time of His ministry, Jesus Christ lived in northern Galilee, at Capernaum, a short distance north from Magdala along the shore of the sea (see map). During His travels southward, including down to Jerusalem, Jesus would have walked many times on the road through Magdala, but the town is perhaps most famous as the home and/or birthplace of lady popularly known as Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene, who became the first human witness of Christ's Resurrection.

Mary of Magdala

Mary had some serious difficulties in her earlier life before meeting Jesus. She had seven demons cast out of her (Luke 8:2), but she later joined with the others, including The Twelve, who accompanied Jesus at times during His ministry (Luke 8:1-2). At Calvary, she stood with Mary the mother of Jesus and the others at the foot of The Cross (John 19:25-26), making her a witness of both the Crucifixion and The Resurrection:

We have Mary of Magdala to thank for having this part of The Gospel record in The Bible. It would not exist without her witness.

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John 19:25
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