Rameses (also spelled Ramesses, Ramses, Raamses) was an Egyptian royal city and district in the Nile Delta region (see Bible Places). According to the Bible record (see Bible History), the Israelites built the city during the time of their slavery prior to the Exodus. Sun-dried bricks, made of Nile mud, some of them mixed with straw as described in the Scriptures, can still be found in the area.

The Israelites Enter Rameses

The people of Israel, while escaping a great famine in their own land, took up residence in Egypt under extremely favorable circumstances. One of their own, Joseph (see Coat Of Many Colors), was, in effect, the Pharaoh's prime minister. It was Joseph, who was answerable only to the Pharaoh himself, that did the actual day-to-day running of the entire country (Genesis 41:41-44).

Israelite Slavery

Unlike their ancestors who entered Egypt in the time of Joseph, later generations of Israelites found themselves oppressed and forced into slavery, in the fields, and constructing cities for the Pharaoh.

The Israelites' Exodus From Rameses

When the appointed time came, as promised beforehand by God to Jacob before they ever went there (Genesis 46:3-4), the people of Israel were taken out of Egypt:

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Exodus 12:40-41

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