The Locusts Of Revelation

Scientists classify locusts and grasshoppers among the Locustidae family of insects. They've been known from very ancient times, just as they still are today all around the world, as being extremely destructive to agriculture. When conditions are favorable for them, vast migrating swarms of locusts can form (in 1889, a swarm of locusts near the Red Sea was estimated to be over 2,000 square miles in size) which rapidly devour all plant material in their path, from field crops to the foliage on trees. Locusts were well-known throughout Bible History.

Classified As "Clean"

According to the Levitical dietary laws (see Clean and Unclean), locusts were classified as "clean" for food (the author of this study does not recommend trying it):

Plagues of Locusts

Locust plagues were sometimes used as agents of God's wrath against those who opposed Him:

Locust plagues were also sometimes used as agents of God's wrath against His own people when they were disobedient to Him:

End-Time Symbolism

Locusts were also used as symbols of end-time, armor-plated, missile-firing, flying war-machines that were not known to the writers of The Bible (see also The Seven Seals):

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Judges 7:12

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