The First Scientist

Humanity has known many great scientists whose names and discoveries are familiar to millions of people - Galileo Galilei and the telescope, Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, Isaac Newton and his discoveries in physics. Many scientific discoveries have been named after their discoverer, and some have even been, by implication, attributed to their discoverer e.g. "Newton's laws of physics." Scientists of course however only study and attempt to understand natural laws, God's natural laws, that were written before "in the beginning" of physical time - creation "hit the ground running" as an orderly event, based on scientific laws that God had determined and decreed beforehand. The presence of a creation demands the existence of a Creator, and the existence of natural laws require the existence of a Natural Law Maker.

The Bible is full of references to the various sciences. Here are just a few examples:

Astronomy (not to be confused with pagan astrology)

This photograph shows the actual Pleiades star cluster which God Himself speaks of in Job 38:31: "Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades?"
The glow around the stars is caused by vast amounts of space dust that is illuminated from behind by the blue stars (depending upon surface temperature, stars can be seen in a wide variety of colors - white, blue, yellow, orange, red). Astronomers believe that gravity causes planets to form from that "dust."



Chemistry and Physics


Fact Finder: Do God's natural laws extend throughout heaven and earth?
Job 38:33

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