Where Is It Safe?

There is an old saying, "No one is going to make it out of this life alive." Sooner or later, one way or another, everyone's physical life is going to come to an end - the only difference is how and when. Some are more fortunate, for example dying peacefully in their sleep after a good, long life, while billions of others have died painful, and even violent deaths - as did Jesus Christ Himself (see How Did Jesus Christ Die?). Death is unavoidable, as God intended (see The Quick and The Dead) - the best that we can reasonably do is to avoid "the end" as long as we can, according to God's will, while living our lives as normally as possible - just as people have always done through humanity's stormy history. As another old saying goes, "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man but one."

Yes, Tribulation Is Coming

God's people were, and are, simultaneously at a great advantage, through His blessings and protection, and a great disadvantage, through the persecution that "Satan's world" (see The Lame Duck) has always brought upon them - and which will be most severe at the time prior to Christ's return:

Note from the above verses that:

Some Protected, Some Not

Some of God's true people will be protected, others will not. Those who will not be protected from martyrdom will not suffer because of some sort of punishment from God upon them. As the Scriptures below make plain, they are "those who keep the Commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus." They will be faithful and obedient witnesses of the truth - and they will lose their lives directly because of it. The two greatest servants of God of that time will be the two witnesses, who are not going to run and hide from anything (see Down Without A Fight?).

God Can Protect His People Wherever They Are

The Bottom Line - God Is Your Place Of Safety

Obey God, do what is right according to God's Word, and you may be protected. But even if you find yourself among those left to face persecution, and even martyrdom, in the end time, keep in mind that the physical life of humans was designed to be temporary, and when the day comes, as it does for everyone one way or another, there is no more honorable way to go than in the service of Almighty God - Who has the power to resurrect His faithful ones to glorious eternal life, and to destroy the wicked in the lake of fire.

Fact Finder: Does God allow His people to be subjected to more than they are able to bear?
1 Corinthians 10:13

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