Ziklag was a town in the Negeb (or Negev) Desert in the southern (Negev means south) part of the land of Israel (see Bible Places). The territory was assigned to Judah (and later Simeon) at the division of the Promised Land in the time of Joshua (see Tribal Lands). It was occupied by the Philistines when David, with those loyal to him, fled from Saul. Achish, the Philistine king, accepted the fugitives, not out of friendship, but in the knowledge of what a dangerous enemy David could be if forced to fight, and gave him Ziklag as a place to live. David remained in Ziklag for about a year and four months.

David In Ziklag

When it became all too apparent that Saul was sooner or later going to kill him if he remained within reach, David chose to flee into the land of the Philistines:

David's time there was not however without difficulty. While he was away, the Amalekites attacked and looted the city:

With the help of The Lord, David recovered all of the captives:

Two days later, David got word of that Saul had been killed in battle, along with his son Jonathan:

With Saul, David's pursuer, dead, David returned to Hebron, where he was appointed the new king of Judah:

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2 Samuel 2:11, 1 Kings 2:11

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