Emmaus, meaning hot baths, was a village located about 7 miles / 11 kilometers from Jerusalem (in which direction is not recorded, which has caused some debate as to its location). Jesus Christ appeared to two of His disciples the day after His resurrection as they were traveling on the road to Emmaus (see also Bible Places).

"He is not here, but is risen"

The already-empty tomb was discovered very early on the first day of the week, before dawn, by the women who came to anoint the body with spices. They were too late to witness the resurrection because they stayed at home during the Sabbath the previous day (Luke 23:55-56)

His Appearance On The Road To Emmaus

The Lord's appearance on the road to Emmaus provides an excellent illustration of how the "ability to see" (e.g. Luke 24:16,31) and "understand the Scriptures" (e.g. Luke 24:27) are a matter of God's will, in His good time.

Fact Finder: Can anyone truly follow Jesus Christ without The Father first making it possible?
John 6:44
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