The English word sanctuary, which is derived from the Latin word sanctuarium, meaning a sacred place (the words sanctity, sanction and saint are all derived from the same root) is secularly defined as a place that is set apart as a refuge from danger or hardship. In The Bible, the two Hebrew words of the Old Testament that have been translated as Sanctuary are (pronounced) mik-dawsh, meaning a consecrated place or thing, and koh-desh, meaning pure or sacred. In the New Testament, the Greek word translated as Sanctuary is (pronounced) hag-ee-on, meaning sacred, or holy.

Although the term sanctuary in the Bible is used most often in reference to the Tabernacle or the Temple, it also was applied to the Promised Land itself, as well as God's Sanctuary in heaven, of which the Tabernacle and Temple were in reality only "a copy and shadow of the heavenly Sanctuary."

The Promised Land

The Promised Land itself was a type of Sanctuary:

The Tabernacle In The Wilderness

The Tabernacle In The Wilderness was referred to as the Sanctuary:

The Temple

The Temple in Jerusalem (see Temples) was referred to as the Sanctuary:

The Holy Place and The Most Holy Place

The Holy Place and The Most Holy Place inside the Tabernacle and the Temple, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, were referred to as the Sanctuary:

God's Sanctuary In Heaven

In the New Testament, the meaning and purpose of the earthly Sanctuary is made clear:

Fact Finder: Will another earthly Sanctuary, or Holy Place, be defiled just prior to The Return Of Jesus Christ?
Daniel 8:11-12,17,25-26
See also The Abomination of Desolation

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This Week's Bible Quiz

1. Bethlehem, the town where Jesus Christ was born, is in:
(a) Galilee (b) Judea (c) Samaria (d) Sinai

2. Nazareth, the town where Jesus Christ lived most of His life, is in:
(a) Galilee (b) Judea (c) Samaria (d) Sinai

3. From where did Jesus Christ ascend into heaven after His resurrection?
(a) Mount Sinai (b) Mount Hermon (c) Mount of Olives (d) Mount Carmel

4. Where was Saul headed when he was struck down on the road and converted into the apostle Paul?
(a) Jerusalem (b) Egypt (c) Damascus (d) Rome

5. In what town where the disciples of Jesus Christ first called "Christians"?
(a) Antioch (b) Nazareth (c) Jerusalem (d) Rome

6. In what city did Paul speak on the Areopagus, or "Mars Hill"?
(a) Rome (b) Athens (c) Alexandria (d) Tyre

7. In what city was there a riot when Paul began telling the people that their idols of Artemis were worthless?
(a) Ephesus (b) Rome (c) Corinth (d) Iconium

8. On what island was Paul shipwrecked on his voyage to Rome?
(a) Malta (b) Cyprus (c) Sicily (d) Patmos

9. In what city did Peter raise Tabitha (Dorcas) from the dead?
(a) Joppa (b) Caesarea (c) Bethany (d) Jerusalem

10. Where was Barnabas from?
(a) Egypt (b) Lebanon (c) Cyprus (d) Syria

For the answers to this July 3 2001 quiz, see the Bible Quiz Answers Page

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