High Places

During Bible History, high places were usually natural (e.g. hills and mountains) but sometimes man-made (e.g. towers) places where people worshiped or made sacrifices. Although the only True God often appeared, or was sometimes worshiped, atop mountains (e.g Mount Sinai) or hills (e.g. Samuel i.e. 1 Samuel 9:19), the Canaanite "high places" were notorious for pagan worship where various heathenistic idols, altars or buildings were located, and where some of the most wicked and horrendous behavior imaginable went on. As such, when the Israelites entered the Promised Land they were commanded by God not only to have nothing to do with high places, but to destroy them because they would be corrupted by their presence - a command that was largely disobeyed, to their regret.

God's Instruction

As they were about to enter the land promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God instructed the Israelites to demolish the idolatry in the land:

The Command Disobeyed, The Israelites Corrupted

Often led by their own kings, the Israelites tolerated the pagan high places, and were themselves drawn into its evil:

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1 Kings 11:9-13
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