Gadara was one of the Decapolis, or "Ten Cities," that were originally inhabited primarily by Greek people who settled in the region after the time of Alexander the Great's conquest (see Ancient Empires - Greece). After the Romans occupied the region from about 65 B.C. (see Ancient Empires - Rome), Gadara was made the capital of the Roman province of Peraea.

Gadara was located east of The Jordan River on a mountain about 6 miles / 10 kilometers south-east of The Sea Of Galilee. The people of Gadara were known as Gadarenes, although the general area was also known as the "country of the Gerasenes" after the city of Gerasa which was about 45 miles / 73 kilometers farther south. They were still mostly Gentiles in the time of Christ, as indicated by their keeping of pigs (see Clean and Unclean) in the Scripture references below.

It was in the area of Gadara that one of the most famous healings of Jesus Christ's ministry took place, on a day that started out with a harrowing trip (for the disciples) across the Sea of Galilee:

In more modern times, the tombs of Gadara have been excavated by archaeologists, and there have been accounts of unfortunate people again living in them just as they did during Christ's ministry.

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