Scenes From The Millennium

The 1,000 year period between The Return Of Jesus Christ with the first resurrection (Matthew 24:30, Zechariah 14:4, 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17), and the second resurrection with the time of their Judgment (Revelation 20:5,11-15) has also become known as the Millennium, from the Latin word meaning "thousand years." It will be a very different world than has been allowed to run its course from ancient times to the present.

Satan Put Away

Unlike now, when Satan is still free (although his time is running short) to run amok through the world, during the 1,000 years he will be imprisoned (see What Satan Fears Most). No more lies, no more deception.

Christ Will Rule

The King of kings will rule with Truth and Justice:

Those Of The First Resurrection Will Reign With Christ

The "first harvest" of salvation will then be spirit beings, after being resurrected from the dead, or instantly transformed if alive that day, and they will rule with Christ:

A Second Great Exodus - Israel and Judah Gathered

There is coming another Exodus, a far larger one:

A New Nature

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