Decapolis is derived from the Greek word meaning Ten Cities (deka meaning ten, and polis meaning a city). They were a group of cities generally located to the east of the The Sea Of Galilee and The Jordan River. Among them was Pella, the city to which many Christians fled just prior to the Fall of Jerusalem In 70 A.D.

In one of His most famous prophecies, found in Matthew 24:1-44 and Luke 21:5-36, Jesus Christ warned the apostles, and through them, the early church at Jerusalem, of the coming fall of the city, and what they could do to save themselves:

This prophecy was dual. It was partially fulfilled in 70 AD, but it also clearly has an end-time application as well - it's going to happen again, just prior to The Return Of Jesus Christ, as the above verses continue:

The Christians in Jerusalem in 70 AD learned their lessons well. When they saw the Roman onslaught coming, they heeded Jesus' warning:

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