Alexandria was the capital city of Egypt from about 330 BC., taking its name from the Greek king Alexander the Great (see Ancient Empires - Greece). It became one of the greatest of ancient cities, at least partly due to its placement in Bible History - Nineveh (see Ancient Empires - Assyria) and Babylon (see Ancient Empires - Babylon) had fallen, and Rome (see Ancient Empires - Rome) was yet to rise (see also Daniel's Statue). It became a center of power of the The Ptolemies.

Located on The Mediterranean Sea on the western side of The Nile Delta, Alexandria was built to serve as the major Egyptian seaport. Its great lighthouse, which was equivalent in height to a 40 story building, reportedly could seen for about 35 miles / 57 kilometers out to sea, and was counted among the so-called "seven wonders" of the world.

Alexandria was a great center of ancient knowledge and learning. The famous Alexandrian Library had perhaps 700,000 volumes, which were lost after the city was burned by Arab forces in 642 AD.

Alexandria is not mentioned in the Old Testament, since it did not exist during that time. It did however become the home of many thousands of Jews, and later, Christians. The city does receive mention in the New Testament:

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