Hazor, meaning enclosed, or fortified, was an ancient Canaanite city located in upper Galilee about 10 miles / 16 kilometers north of The Sea Of Galilee (see Bible Places). Archaeological findings indicate that it was founded approximately 2700 B.C., and that it was one of the largest cities in ancient Canaan, with a population perhaps exceeding 40,000 people. Hazor's kings were involved in two of the greatest battles for the land ever fought by the ancient Israelites, not matched until their modern-day descendants, some of whom are reading this, in the wars since 1948.

Hazor was ruled by the Canaanite king Jabin when the Israelites entered the Promised Land under Joshua. The defeat and devastation of the city practically completed the conquest of the land, starting from the south, where the Israelites entered at Jericho (see The Fall Of Jericho), to the north at Hazor:

In later years Hazor was rebuilt by the Canaanites, and again was under the rule of a king by the name of Jabin. His army, under the command of Sisera, pushed southward in an attempt to drive the Israelites out of Israel. The Canaanite forces were engaged by the Israelites under Barak (another name very familiar to modern-day Israelites, a former general and prime minister), who had the prophetess Deborah as an advisor. Again, the Israelites gave the Canaanites a mauling:

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Judges 4:17-21

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