Africa is the second-largest continent in land area, after Asia. It's bordered by The Mediterranean Sea on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea on the east. The climate ranges from hot and wet in the central area on the equator, to hot and dry desert in the north. The longest river in the world, the 4,160 mile / 6,695 kilometer long Nile River, flows north from central Africa into Egypt where the Nile Delta empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

After The Flood, Cush (also called Ethiopia, the region south of Egypt, not necessarily within the borders of modern-day Ethiopia) and Egypt, and likely most of the other major nations of Africa, were repopulated by the descendants of Noah's son Ham (Genesis 10:6). The earliest-known part of Africa was referred to as the "land of Ham":

The conversion and baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch, who was a Jewish convert, and who was among the very first Africans converted to Christianity (if not the very first one), is one of the most famous of The Bible:

Fact Finder: Did Moses marry an African (Cushite, or Ethiopian) woman?
Numbers 12:1

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