Science Fiction?

Millions of people are "science fiction fans" who enjoy reading books or watching movies about space or alien visitors that come to earth. The irony of this popularity is evident in the eyes of many students of Prophecy, since The Bible makes very plain that earth is indeed going to have a "visitor from space" some day. The even greater irony, as the Scriptures also clearly show, is that many nations are not going to recognize Jesus Christ at His return, or will refuse to accept His rule of the earth, and will actually try to fight Him.


The term we know as heaven is the English translation of the original two words in the Bible. The Hebrew word in the Old Testament is pronounced roughly shaw-may, and the Greek word in the New Testament is pronounced roughly, oo-ran-aws. Both mean the same thing - either the sky, or the outer space above it, depending on the context of what the writer was talking about. Sky or space are quite accurate modern substitutes for heaven.

Signs In The Heavens

Prior to The Return Of Jesus Christ, there are going to be many spectacular events occurring from space, for all the world to see. A few examples:

The Return Of Jesus Christ

The Return Of Jesus Christ will not be secret or hidden. All the world will witness the event:

"They Will Make War On The Lamb"

But amazingly...

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Acts 1:6-12
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