In Bible History, watchmen were commonly posted on city walls or watch towers (e.g. see Jerusalem Gates) where they were to stand guard and sound the alarm when they saw danger approaching. Their responsibility was tremendous, for many lives could be lost (including their own if they were ever found to be asleep on duty, or deserting their post) if they did not do their job fully and faithfully. Over the centuries, God appointed "spiritual watchmen" whose duties were also gravely serious, for others as well as for themselves, "for they are keeping watch over your souls, as men who will have to give account." (Jeremiah 13:17 RSV)

Individual Responsibility

The watchman's accountability ended at his sounding the alarm, loud and clear. It was then the personal responsibility of those he served to take the appropriate action for themselves - those who chose to ignore the warning had only themselves to blame for what came upon them:

Christ's Warning To Watch!

Jesus Christ also gave the end-time world a warning to watch for all that is soon to come:

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Matthew 3:1-2

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