First And Second Comings In Isaiah

The Old Testament is sometimes regarded primarily as a great collection of Bible History by Christians who look more, or only, to The New Testament for Jesus Christ. At the same time, (non-Christian) Jews generally say that there is no mention of "two comings" of the Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures. Well, the fact is, in the Old Testament can be found very plain references to both the first, and the second, coming of the Messiah. Examples just from the book of Isaiah:

The First Coming

This describes an ordinary human, rejected by His Own people, brutally slaughtered like a lamb, buried in a rich man's grave, the Savior Who paid the penalty for the sins of humanity. It describes Jesus Christ perfectly:

The Second Coming

This describes the supernatural return of the Messiah, after the sacrifice of the human Savior, Who will arrive as a conquering King of kings, and Who will reign and judge upon the earth:

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