Kadesh, or Kadesh-Barnea, meaning consecrated or holy, was located north of The Sinai Peninsula between the Wilderness of Paran and the Wilderness of Zin. It's first mentioned in The Bible during the time of Abraham, and later, during the Wilderness Journey after the Exodus, the Israelites remained for many years at, and in the vicinity of, Kadesh.

Hagar In The Wilderness

After Hagar fled from Sarah, The Lord appeared to her in the area of Kadesh:

Abraham At Kadesh

Abraham lived in the region of Kadesh for some time:

During The Wilderness Years

Under the leadership of Moses and Aaron, the Israelites remained around Kadesh for many years between the time of the Exodus and the entry into the Promised Land:

Spies Sent From Kadesh

From Kadesh, Joshua and others from each of the tribes of Israel were sent to gather information about the Promised Land:

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