There are hundreds of references to wind throughout The Bible. Wind can be caused by such natural factors as the unequal heating of the planet's surface, whereby warmed air rises and cooler air flows in to replace it. Or, God can create and direct the wind for whatever purpose that He chooses. There is also at least one reference that implies that even Satan can control the wind to a limited extent.

Winds From God

Throughout Bible History, God often used the wind, and other elements of the weather, according to His will:

Satanic Wind

As a very powerful spirit being, Satan can control the wind from time to time:

Natural Wind

As with everywhere else, the land of Israel has its own prevailing wind system:

In Prophecy

Wind is also found in Prophecy:

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Mark 13:27

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In what general direction (north, south, east or west) from Jerusalem is:

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2. Beersheba

3. The Sea Of Galilee

4. Nazareth

5. Bethel

6. The Jordan River

7. The Negev Desert

8. Armageddon

9. Capernaum

10. The Mediterranean Sea

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