Arad was the name of two ancient cities in the land of Israel. One of them, the one dealt with in this study, was a Canaanite city located about 19 miles / 31 kilometers south of Hebron, 15 miles / 24 kilometers east of Beersheba, and about 19 miles / 31 kilometers west of the Dead Sea (or The Salt Sea), in southern Judea in the The Negev (see Bible Places). The other Arad, located in the same region, is not mentioned specifically by name in The Bible.

Arad was well-known in early Bible History:

Near the end of the Wilderness Journey, the king of Arad attacked the Israelites under Moses:

Arad was later conquered by the Israelites under Joshua:

The Kenites later settled there also:

The modern-day city of Arad is located about 5 miles / 8 kilometers from the ruins of the ancient city. The first settlement occurred in 1921 by veterans of the "Zion Mule Corps," a Jewish unit of the British Army from the First World War, but it was not successful due to lack of fresh water. A water pipeline later did make habitation possible, and Arad became a residence for mineral resources employees from the Dead Sea Works.

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