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2017 #04 | archive 

Page It Forward — Letter Writing and Life's Lines

Ordinary people's Letters of Note are lilting waves drawing us to an Internet ocean of archived correspondence. I swim from one salutation to another – life's lines. Dear Sir... To My Darling... diverse sentiments exchange. Each is likely unaware his/her letter will live on, a droplet joining our expanse of everyday humanity. I read.

Poignant proximity is in a soldier's letter from enemy lines on Christmas' single day of agreed peace. Yours, Jake signs off as the inevitable 24th hour pierces time. Another letter employs levity and brevity for a hopeful screenwriter's job search.

enlarge, words hug Some scrawled as by an excited child (to a Top Scientist), others in mottled typewriter strokes. Any handwritten are gems, feeling more intimate. I fear that cursive writing, no longer in schools, may become as hieroglyphics. Please, gift your handwriting to embrace next generations (a text version may accompany, no archeologist required).

A letter's ideal in this. Called legacy letters, I say why only bequeath? Share now with loved ones. A personal letter's a terrific memoir project and liberating because, as I guide in my consulting, it's a page or few, do-able, not dauntingly long.

Your life's lines letter may include highlights, hindsights. What makes your joy sing. What you admire in the loved one. Wishes for the future. Values you hold dear from elders. Once done, you may be inspired to write anew to another recipient. To be delivered – or not, for your eyes only. Memoir takes its cue from you. Maybe each letter will be a chapter. Perhaps your letter will live in some online archive – though more assuredly, yours will live in another's heart. And that is very much of note.


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