Word's Worth communication celebrating 25 years of 'your story well told, your Word's Worth'


Workshops| publicity in The Londoner (jpg 391kb) 2016 + 2015 (jpg 288kb)

2017"Positive, engaging • given me new direction for my story • Sandy speaks well with knowledge, like a conversation with a friend • interesting, entertaining • encouraging, constructive instruction • different creative ways to stimulate story • open, intelligent • vibrant; full of great info; time well spent • worth a great deal • after your course, I decided to consolidate family things I'd written; add insight I've yet to chronicle; I'd written thousands of words, but never into a cohesive whole; after experiencing your class, I decided to do that; thanks."

2016"Sandy's inspiring; before coming, my stories of life were stalled • motivated participation • discussion without pressure • sensitive, enormous help • abundant ideas, thought-provoking • humour, great facilitator, willing to share personally to spark dialogue • tips ignite ideas • tips to put thoughts together, move forward."

2015"I felt her inspiration • Sandy brought us out of our shell, into our stories • excellent presenter, made us aware of so much • genuinely interested in [us]."

1-to-1"Illuminating, practical workshop; confidence-inspiring; handout highlights keys at different stages; focused brainstorm draws out insights."

Story circles (read their work) monthly since 2014 at Royalcliffe

enlarge, story circle, Sept 2015 "Prompted me to write stories; my family appreciate • enjoy every month • love people's childhood stories • different views • interesting, time flies • glad I joined."

K. Smith, repeat client, won Lt.Gov.'s Ont. Senior Achievement Award, arts/culture:

"Helpful analysis, feedback [on my business writing]; Sandy's invigorating, inspiring; draws on her respected experience as a communication advisor."

S. Stevenson, repeat client, her book's a Police College library resource on abuse:

"Stellar job editing and organizing my storyline [manuscript]. Treated with great respect; brought valuable, timely humour to our editing sessions."

City of London, interview + write of newcomers' jobs, script + narrate video 48-sec