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a companion story to I Was Santa's Ghostwriter
(both in one pdf 212kb)

"How is it, HQ, you always sense when I put the kettle on?" Mrs. Claus teased me as I joined her by the hearth. Though my intuition for teatime wasn't as keen as Saint Nick's is for Naughty / Nice lists, "I have my ways", I winked.

I liked to sip and chat with her after workdays as Santa's ghostwriter (my pen name was Holly Quill, HQ). With Dec. 25 near, though, my help in year-end correspondence would soon finish. As we shared one of our last, quiet girl talks together, she gifted me this wisdom.

"Cuppa", I fondly called her (her warmth overflows), "you know that elf who's sweet on me – senior director of sleighbells?" She nodded, "musicians can be charmers". True. I went on. "You know all too well of sharing your heart with someone devoted to the whole world, beyond busy, long days, longer Eves, and century after century. How do you do it? What is love's secret?"

"Love is like winter twinkle," she softly said. "Just as night sky glistens on Christmas Eves as Santa sleighs by, that star shine glows faithfully every eve in between, too, enduring. So can romance, friendship, family, all love. And when life's clouds hide its fullness from view, or busyness distracts, keep love in your gaze. Light with love, my dear – to someone, it's star shine."

Music revs right brain creativity. Spark yours listening to songs* of star shine.

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