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Enjoyed Feb. networking at Tampon Tues., donating hygiene items to food banks so women don't have to choose between food for their family and their own dignity.

Sandy, daughter of a veteran and his war bride, is a proud new member of Royal Canadian Legion Byron-Springbank 533, where she's already an active volunteer at dances and poppy drive.

Welcome back, repeat client Julia Igras, Canadian Scholarship Trust. Kind thanks:

"Love the work [Sandy] did; writing an important letter; the right tone, respectful, candid; I'm very appreciative; suggestions were spot on; end result covered all the issues and in a professional manner."

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"February finds me curating my old diaries. Most, sweetly juvenile. In a few, though, the past nestles into present tense... reading his name, shock exhaled a poignant 'oh my God', [he's] the man [who]..." more
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