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✒ Enjoy autumn nostalgia in As Fall Calls, (pdf 562kb) by Royalcliffe seniors guided by Sandy in story circles. The group composition's a surprise smile tucked in for Meals on Wheels clients, as has been done also with other works.

Screenshot of Sandy on TVWatch Sandy's TV spot at 17:20 mark on Making the Most of Your Retirement at Rogers TV. Interviewed by Murray Faulkner and Kelley Simons in its season 2 opener, Sandy shares her enthusiasm about helping people write memoir projects.

latest QJ, delighting in all things communication:

link to QuillJoy archive Page It Forward – Letter Writing and Life's Lines
Ordinary people's Letters of Note.com... soldier's letter on Christmas' day of peace... another letter's levity in a job search... any handwritten are gems... a letter's a terrific memoir project and liberating because...

Music revs the right brain – creativity. Spark yours with songs of the season.

Sunrise ♫ Simply Red (mp3 3.9MB)*
Lonely Boy ♫ Andrew Gold (mp3 5.2MB)*
If You Leave(s) Me Now ♫ Peter Cetera (mp3 6.1MB)*
When October Goes ♫ Barry Manilow, to Johnny Mercer's lyric (mp3 4.7MB)*

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