Word's Worth communication 25th year (1992-2017) of 'your stories well told, your Word's Worth'

Community Spirit,  Networks

networks, business circles   Creative Age Network (and Festivals) • CAN
  National Center for Creative Aging • NCCA
  Personal Historians • PH (formerly APH which folded in 2017)
  Royal Canadian Legion • RCL
  and (4) formerly served

Sandy's led classes of adults 55+ since its first festival, launched 2014 by K.Smith.
Certified (pdf 163kb) Arts and Aging educator, scoring 90% in 11-module studies.
Sandy keeps member access to historian peers and tools in this group from APH.
This daughter of a WWII vet volunteers for Byron Legion dances and fundraising.

Formerly served, still cheering

Homepreneur Networkfounder, facilitator, 15-year run, 150 events, 700 homepreneurs
IABC business communicatorsbranch administrator 10+ years until 2013, past member
Meals on Wheels
Uplifting stories were tucked in with meals – written by Sandy, or her story circle's group activity. Grateful stranger: "That letter that came with MoW made my day."
South Collegiate Alumni Associationdirector + newsltr. editor + biz directory mgr.
Once a 1978 student performing for South's 50th anniversary, Sandy's a familiar volunteer: director 2011-14; editor 1999-01 + frequent writer (pdf 232kb); creator 2011-16 of a directory of alumni proprietors, now a FB group SCAAentrepreneurs.