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Read, Enjoy

Enjoy Sandy's writing samples below, and participants' works, also.

Heart, Humour
✑ client, father-of-groom + new home + tooth fairy – for sentimental smilestones
✑ clients, The Londoner + web reviews – sprinkle humour as a hook (pdf 32kb)
✑ QuillJoy ezine delighting in all things communication
enjoy the latest, or an encore selection with heart (5) and humour (5) e.g. father role model moment • airline policy oddities • Santa's ghostwriter ...

History Profiles
✑ WWII codebreaker (pdf 439kb) at Bletchley, Beryl, who was in Hut 6
✑ client, City of London – Immigrants/Working career success stories 500-word x5
✑ mini-profile of proprietor, age 88 (pdf 191kb), still actively leading North Star Ice
✑ 85-year history of organization (pdf 232kb), South Collegiate
✑ Forest City Flashback: 100 Years to a Younger Old South (pdf 154kb), 1920-50s

Marketing, Business
✑ clients in coaching and finance – marketing tips, clients' before/after (pdf 240kb)
✑ repeat client, M. Keetch Financial – business advertorial (pdf 150kb) in magazine
media campaign (pdf 289kb), interviews – retired teachers instruct adult alumni
homecoming (pdf 773kb) at one-of-just-four Canadian high schools who run one
epilepsy awareness – Sandy's own story, creativity's link to seizures (pdf 30kb)
homepreneur network portal of articles, links, ideas from brainstorming micro biz

for Spoken Word
✑ client, City of London – video's intro scripted and narrated (YouTube, 48sec)
✑ client, hospital senior exec. – college convocation speech (pdf 62kb)
✑ client, Lucan Trade Show, Keetchradio ad (mp3 1.15MB) rescript (pdf 240kb)
✑ as playwright, wins funniest at Fringe Festival for Playing with Matches
✑ for kids at heart, tooth fairy poem read by Sandy (mp3 872kb) and tongue-twister