Word's Worth communication celebrating 25 years of 'your story well told, your Word's Worth'

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mp3 hello You have stories to tell – family history, business success, tributes. Luckily, you have this wordsmith as a story facilitator or writer. In 2017, Sandy marks 25 years as your communicator-on-call in her own business, resulting in 'your story well told, your Word's Worth'.

As well as writing expertise, Sandy offers interviews; memoir workshops such as for Creative Age (jpg 275kb); manuscript review; and story circles with retirees. For your investment, informed estimates and options begin after you identify your main goal and budget range. "Sandy, how might we achieve X for about $___?"

Why stories? storytelling programs

Story-style writing's a personal connection, impactful. Why collect stories? Because losing their legacy is too costly a regret. "We can wait too long to write stories. Suddenly they're gone, all we have are fragments..."

Storytelling Your Life (pdf 89kb) honours pivotal people, times well lived, Sunday supper stories of family characters and (mis)adventure – memoir projects in many creative forms. In an organization, business credibility lives in the narratives of its people, of lessons and leaps. Leverage yours in About Us updates, speeches, etc.

Why Sandy?

Screenshot Sandy on TV Sept 2017 media article jpg 288kb Her writing style, more recent publicity, and peer groups (communicators, educators in arts and aging, historians) give you a sense of Sandy to feel familiar, comfortable in your collaboration.