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Sound Byte from Fourth Anniversary
Catnap Later (.wav 11kz,8bit mono) or Catnap Later(.ra-28,8 realaudio)

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1.Cat Nap Later  (3:16)    	
		(Doug Varty)  SOCAN  
2.Why Get Up  (4:08)    	
		(Bill Carter/Ruth Ellsworth)  Blame Music 	
3.Someday Someway  (4:06)    	
		(Don Robey)  Lion Publishing  BMI    
4.Thank You  (5:26)    
		(Sly Stone)  BMI  
5.I Thank the Fool  (3:28)    	
		(Doug Varty)  SOCAN
6.All Your Love  (4:14)    	
		(Otis Rush)  Conrad Music
7.Bad attitude  (4:36)    	
		(Geoff Dahl)  SOCAN
8.Bad News  (3:12)    	
		(Doug Varty)  SOCAN
9.Lowrider  (5:34)    	
		Farout Music  ASCAP 
10.I Can Hear You Calling  (3:02)     	
		(Glan/Kenner/Sullivan/Triano)  Pasqua Music  SOCAN 
11.Too Tired  (3:26)    	
		(Watson/Davis)  Powerforce Music
12.Don't You Loose Your Cool  (3:28)    	
		(Collins)  Eyeball Music  BMI
13.Superstition  (5:24)    	
		(Stevie Wonder)  Jobette  BMI

Musicians & Credits

The Old Chicago Blues Band is:
Chris Murphy
	sax, organ, vocals

John Knapp
	drums, percussion

Geoff Dahl
	electric bass, harmonica,  vocals

Doug Varty
	guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals

Additional Help
Jim Neil
	background vocals, percussion
Howling by Pippin the dog

Recorded at Owlsville Two by Jim Neil
Produced by Jim Neil
Executive Producer: Chris Murphy
Insert Design: Margaret Stowe

Thanks to Sam Soufan and Amira Moussa for creating the Old Chicago Speakeasy and Grill, "London's home of the blues". The last four years have been fun. Thanks to our fans and our families: Carol, Amanda, Bunny, Sandy, Elizabeth, Roxanne, Jillian, Caleb, Kim and Ryan. Thanks to the staff at Old Chicago: Mohamed, Adib, Melissa H., Jeff, Nicole, Melissa W., Tracy, Dana, Gus, Angel, Dave, Tommy, Big Daddy Cool and the rest of the gang. Thanks to Chris Babin for the DA88 and sound consultation.

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