The Gift

Chicago Pete
& The Detroiters
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Featuring Honky Tonk, We're Gonna Make It
and 10 more all-time blues and jazz classics!
Sizzling passion played with world class perfection....
naturally from DETROIT, city of supreme musical pride!

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  1. We're Gonna Make It
    Lyrics by Miner, Barge, Davis, Smith
  2. Sweet Little Angel
    Music & Lyrics:R.King & J.Taub
  3. Honky Tonk
    Music & Lyrics:Bill Doggert, Billy Butler, Shep Shephard, Clifford Scott, Henry Glover
  4. Love Her With A Feeling
    Music & Lyrics:Freddy King
  5. Looking Back
    Lyrics by Miner, Barge, Davis, Smith
  6. Learn to Love Me
    Music & Lyrics:D.Malone
  1. Mr.Magic
    Music & Lyrics:R.MacDonald and W.Salter
  2. Drowning On Dry Land
    Music & Lyrics:M.Gregory and A.Jones
  3. Put It Where You Want It
    Music & Lyrics:Toombs - Lamont - Thompson
  4. If You Believe
    Lyrics:Miner, Barge, Davis, Smith
  5. Sleeper
    Music & Lyrics:Lowell Fulson & Maxwell Davis
  6. Little Brother
    Music & Lyrics:H.Bush, M.Jones, C.Smith

Chicago Pete, bass,guitar,vocalsDoug Hankerson,trombone
James Chaney,tenor saxophoneWendell West,trumpet
Joe Hunter,pianoAlvin Clarington,baritone saxophone
Johnny Bassett,guitarClaude Ervin,drums

Executive Producer: Dr. Larry Redd    : Engineer:Gary Reid

The Gift: Chicago Pete & The Detroiters

November/December 1990

   Living Blues magazine said it best: If Chicago can have a pianist named Detroit Junior, then is fitting for Detroit to be the home of Chicago Pete. Originally from McLemoreville, Tennessee, Chacago Pete, whose real name is Al Harrell, is a cultiral blend of the gospel Golden Harmoneers and blues legends such as Lowell Fulson and LIttle Junior Parker. He is an accomplished vocalist, bass guitarist, writer, and arranger, and person.

Chicago Pete won a national competitions to sing and persorm the documentary musical sound track, " Detroit Is My Home" and was feautred in the film. He has been honored by the City of Detroit, Michigan State University, and many prestigious organizations afor helping keep the blues alive. In military service to America, Chicago Pete received a C.I.B., Four Season Star, Purple Heart, Unit Citation and sigmund Reed Citation.

The core of his band, The Detroiters, is composed of some of the world's great musicians. Longtime member James Chaney has played with Little Milton and Aretha Franklin. Joe Hunter, the original musical director for Berry Gordy, is considered by some to be "The Father of Motown Sound". Johnny Bassett's sterling performance on "Honky Tonk" speaks for itself.

The Gift, recorded in 1982 as a tribute to the respected legacy of great blues and jazz songwriters, captured one of Chicago Pete's legendary performances!