The Salvation Army

Emergency Housing
Advocacy Centre
906 James Street
Woodstock, Ontario.  N4S 1S4

Phone: 519-539-7235


Click here to open a Microsoft Excel document containing a housing directory of rental vacancies within Oxford County: 

Current Available List

All properties are removed from the list after 2 weeks and the list is updated each business day.


    Living Room   

February 4, 2000... saw the opening of this facility, which can accommodate up to 4 families at one time.

Each unit is entirely separate with locking sleeping quarters.  The common areas, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry facilities are shared.
Our Emergency Housing... Bedroom
is geared to house families in emergency situations such as fire victims, marriage break-up and eviction.  Our facility is the only one in Oxford County providing housing for fathers with children or families with boys over the age of 15.

Our Housing Advocate... Housing Advocate
provides assistance to help locate permanent, affordable housing by means of a Housing Registry of Accommodations available throughout Oxford County.  In some cases, we provide interest free loans for last month's rent as well as assistance with rent and utility arrears.

The Housing Advocate also acts as a liaison between tenants and landlords or families by acting as a mediator for dispute resolution, providing Tenant Protection Act advice, as well as representing clients at Tribunal Hearings.

Our Staff... Secretary
will explain the Residency and House Rules Agreement when clients move in.  If the client is employed or has other income, the charge for housing would be equivalent to the monthly housing allocation received from Ontario Works.  The maximum stay at the facility is 6 weeks.

Please Note...
Unfortunately, this facility cannot accommodate singles.  Such assistance is provided by means of one-night emergency housing at a hotel, or transportation to a hostel facility authorized for such situations.