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Pneuveyor Systems International, Ltd. Pneumatic Conveyor System

Description: Pneuveyor Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd. Pneumatic conveying system including:
• Large main hopper with scaled volumetric feeder to dispense specific batch amounts.
• Distribution to various usage points
• Four manual infeed points with one going to the main hopper and three going to three other receiving points.

Sanitary V-Belt Conveyors Galvanized Steel Frames Sanitary food grade V-belt conveyors with galvanized steel support frames and white sanitary belting. Formerly used in a fruit canning plant. We have approximately 300' in approximately 100' units, each with it's own drive. Buy part or all. $60 per foot.

Sanitary Intralox Plastic Belt Conveyors with Stainless Steel Frames

Sanitary food grade Intralox plastic belt conveyors with stainless steel support frames, mounted on casters for portability. The Intralox is white sanitary, 32" wide. We have two units, 18.5' long and 27' long respectively. Formerly used in a fruit canning plant.