Best Answer #88: from Linda Baker:
" Water - In 1905 a group of citizens in Plattsville came up with a sum of $500 to dig or drill for oil. Some investors in this were Abraham Eckel, James Baird, Robert McKie, John Hall and Dr. J. L. Brown. Those looking after the digging were Fred Quandt, George Robinson, Ben Witmer and John Motheral. . . . This flowing well of mineral water was close to the millpond. There was no oil!

Photographers enjoyed the well but the flow finally ceased. It was said that stones had been thrown into the well, causing it to cease flowing. When the well was re-opened by the Plattsville-Bright Optimists, a carpetball was found.

Another well was dug in Plattsville Park when it was on Albert Street, producing a flow of 2,500,000 gallons per day. This was covered over in 1966 when the Canada Sand Paper company expanded and the park moved to its present spot.

- 'Winding River' by Hume Wilkins

Extra Information From Quiz Committee:
Flowing From the Past (painting # 1705) is reproduced by permission of the artist, Peter Etril Snyder