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Margaret Stowe

Margaret Stowe Group
trio quartet quintet
performing a multi-influenced jazz-based unique array of standards and originals.
[Musical sample]
Available 2004, festivals, concerts, events of all kinds.Canada, International.

Inquiries/Bookings [email]

A musical performance accompanied by painters... but with a unique twist!

Sound interesting? Stage this performance involving several musicians and painters in your venue or at your festival. Interactive stage settings, or even outdoors.
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performance art

Get inside the experience.
Then let it go.

Musicians feel the immediacy of their work all the time. Music is released or "let go" in the act of creating it. This performance art imposes the same temporality on the creation of paintings. Painters and musicians feeling the same sense of creation and release, or letting go.

Experience the result. Musical sample.
Available 2004 Concerts, festivals, galleries

Check out BigTimeBigTime, a guitar trio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They play Argentinian tangos, classical and popular songs. Their live performances include masterful circulations [a tiny taste] (an astonishing technique in which each musician plays a single note, one at a time, at high speed) creating a unique ambient with the audience.
A NEW CD, all tango, has just been completed. [another short taste]
BigTime is AVAILABLE 2004 for festivals and concerts in CANADA. More Info/Bookings:
OR download their press kit here: BIGTIMEpress.pdf  

 SWomen in Blues

THE GIRLS COME OUT TO PLAY. Various incarnations. All styles, original music
Featuring the best! Previous shows have included artists like Rita Chiarelli, Georgette Fry, Ellen McIlwaine, Daisy DeBolt, Suzie Vinnick. Under the leadership of guitarist Margaret Stowe.
Unique and creative shows tailored to the event.
Available 2004 Concerts, festivals. Canada,International
Inquiries/Bookings [email]

And there's more!
I also work with the incredible
Daisy DeBolt, Canadian Folk legend and Queen of Avant Garde. A powerhouse singer, prolific songwriter, powerful performer. Accompanied by Margaret Stowe on guitar, often adding Michelle Josef on percussion and George Koller on bass.
7 CDs of original music.
Daisy's NEW CD, Lovers and Fantasies will be released early in 2004.

Daisy DeBolt Group available 2004, festivals, concerts
  Canada, International.
More info/bookings:

I also have a great time playing with boogie woogie, rock & roll, smooth jazz, New Orleans piano stylist Michael Keys. We often work as a trio, adding drums. Michael is a monster on the left hand bass so it definitely has that organ trio flavour. Mike has been an active member of the Toronto and southern Ontario rhythm & blues scene for 3 decades.
restaurants, public and private functions of all kinds, concerts   duo or trio available

Marg Stowe Jazz Groups
Standards/Modern Mainstream  Listen: • Sample1 (band)  • Sample2 (band) • Sample3 (duo)

Marg Stowe Jazz Group• Jazz duo, trio, quartet, quintet for all functions. Repertoire from standards to modern mainstream, to café style tunes.
• Repertoire/instrumentation tailored to suit the occasion. As usual, quality and professional standards come first.
Available for public and private functions of all kinds, dinners, lobbies, parties, lounges, restaurants. Also festivals.
Provides an air of elegance.

Contact me

Sister Act
All-female. Various incarnations. R&B,blues,jazz
Parties, clubs

Toronto Blues Society Toronto Womens' Blues Revue Band
Concerts, festivals .

Contact Toronto Blues Society  | website | audio

plays original improvised ambient, chill and groove music.
parties, clubs  audio

Hot Latkes Klezmer Band
Jewish & Eastern European folk music and dance
Weddings, bar(t) mitzvahs, ceremonies, dinners, parties, concerts, children's shows, dance workshops, festivals. DUO to 8-piece band.

more about this band | audio

Missa Gaia Jazz Ensemble - performs with the London based production (Karen Schuessler, musical director) of Paul Winter's Missa Gaia Earth Mass
-available to perform Paul Winter's Missa Gaia Earth Mass with choir


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