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Our Most Popular Presentations

For Volunteer Appreciation Events



We have been truly honoured to speak to countless volunteers at numerous volunteer appreciation / recognition events over the years. Many organizations count on the daily contribution of volunteers to ensure the success of their programs and initiatives.  In some cases, organizations are almost fully dependent on volunteers to make it happen and make a difference.


Because volunteers mean so much to you, and do so much for your organization and the community, we provide these presentations at a very special honorarium rate.     


Please contact us today if you are planning an appreciation and recognition event soon and would like to reward your volunteers with a very special message of gratitude.


Some suggested presentations might include…



The Eight Magic Choices Of A Fulfilling Life! (45 – 60min)


Your volunteers make the magic choice to volunteer for your organization, reward them with a presentation that outlines the wonder of the powerful choices we make in life. This uplifting presentation is group favourite, any particularly of seniors as they all relate to simplicity and common sense of the “choices”. Laced with humour, this presentation is sure to please and it’s a great way to show your volunteers you care and that you appreciate them.




Believe And Succeed: How Faith Shapes Our Destiny! (45 – 60min)


Before the realization of an accomplishment, lays our ability to take action based on faith. This powerful presentation is more than about having a positive outlook and spirit in life, but having a faith that drives us to all do well in life.



The Power Of Positive People!  (45 – 60min)


What the world needs more and more than every day are people driven by that unstoppable positive outlook. Perfect for volunteers of all ages as it rewards and recognize the power of positive effort and that of people who choose to contribute.



Making A Difference:  (45 – 60min)

Celebrating & Recognizing The Value Of Volunteerism & Contribution!


This is a presentation that simply celebrates the very best of our community and that of humanity and of those who contribute with their hearts and hands. Beginning with a discussion on our heroes in life to how being a volunteer makes you a hero in the life of others.



Laughing At Stress: Humour In Times Of Change! (45 – 60min)


The only constant...is constant change. How we respond to change and stress is a personal choice when operating and managing your business.Keeping your sense of humour and adopting some simple philosophical perspectives might

be the healthiest approach to dealing effectively with stress and change.



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