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Our Most Popular Presentations for Volunteer Appreciation Events


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We have been truly honoured to speak to countless volunteers at numerous volunteer appreciation / recognition events over the years. Many organizations count on the daily contribution of volunteers to ensure the success of their programs and initiatives.  In some cases, organizations are almost fully dependent on volunteers to make it happen and make a difference.


Because volunteers mean so much to you and do so much for your organization and the community, we provide these presentations at a very special honorarium rate.


Please contact us today if you are planning an appreciation and recognition event soon and would like to reward your volunteers with a very special message of gratitude.


Some suggested presentations might include



Volunteers are The Strong Roots of The Community

(the tree is nothing with out a strong root system of support)


Eight Magic Choices of a Fulfilling Life / Ode to Those Who Volunteer!

(Eight choices that lead to having a wonderful life)


Making a Difference: Celebrating & Recognizing the Value of Volunteerism & Contribution!

(A true celebration of volunteerism)


Volunteers Are Our Greatest Natural Resource!

(As with the best in nature, volunteers are the best in our world)


"...And Other Duties as Assigned!"

(solutions and humour around having such a busy life)


The Power of Positive People!

(what the world and the community needs more is really positive people)


A Heartfelt Thanks!

(when all the message has to be is THANK-YOU!)


Sweetest Things in Life!

(a trip down memory lane with a look at the best and simple pleasure of life)


We Are All in This Together!

(one can do so much but many can do amazing things)


Another Bad Hair Day: How to Roll with Life’s Ups and Downs and Come Out a Success!

(common sense advice for moving forward and being successful in challenging times)


Volunteers Drive Our Success!

(where would we be without them and how far would we get)


T.E.A.M.: The Power of More!

(together everyone achieves miracles)


Canada EH! Volunteering in The World’s Greatest Country!

(many things make Canada great and volunteerism is one of them)


Making A Difference When Making A Difference Counts the Most!

(perfect for volunteers who go way beyond the call of duty and really give of themselves)







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