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Stress and Change Management Workshops

Laughing at Stress: Humour in Times of Change!


The only constant...is constant change.

How we respond to change and stress is a personal choice when operating and managing your business.

Keeping your sense of humour and adopting some simple philosophical perspectives might be the healthiest approach to dealing effectively with stress and change.


Stress happens ... but maintaining your positive attitude and a sense of humour really helps. In fact, how we choose

our responses (personally and professionally) through times of stress defines who we are and who we will become.

This humourous look at change and stress is appreciated by those who expect the road ahead will continue to have many twists and turns!



Strategies for Coping Effectively with Vicarious Trauma!


When you work in an environment in which you are exposed to other peopleís troubles, pain and even depressed states of mind, you may become personally and emotionally influenced. This half-day seminar covers a wide overview of vicarious trauma.


Define vicarious Trauma

Acknowledge that it exists

Know the signs and symptoms

How it can affect you on the job

Coping with vicarious trauma (using lots of humour)

Discuss networking techniques as coping mechanisms

Balance: caring vs. bleeding

Professional detachment

How can you handle it when the client / family has a negative outcome?



Mastering and Managing Change!


This is a great seminar on how to understand the psychology of change and transitional re-orientation on a mental, physical and emotional level. Itís about seeing our world as a constantly evolving challenge and learning that we must take a proactive attitude and be adaptable.



Achieving Balance: Developing Personal Effectiveness and Self-Management!


Balancing a busy personal and professional life, along with your family time, hobbies and interests and even your familial obligations is a challenge that we all face and or will face even more as we all grow older. This seminar suggests some common sense strategies that you can use today to achieve a better balance.



The Stress Survival Kit


More and more we seem to live and work in an environment that makes demands on our every fiber of being. Stress comes from what we perceive others put on us, and what we seem to put on ourselves. Managing stress is about learning and using proven and common-sense strategies every day in our personal and professional lives. In this comprehensive look at stress, we discuss diet, task and job balance, keeping paperwork under control, ensuring daily time to relax and rejuvenate and to ensure a simple and manageable stress management support system.


It's About Time: Thirty Time and Project Management Tips!


This tip-packed motivational presentation is designed to offer insights and approaches to ensuring you make the most of your busy business day. Managing time is really just about managing yourself better and relying on better planning and organization. Time management requires us all to take a common sense approach to balancing the important tasks with the urgent work

required as we endeavour to operate a productive and profitable business.



Coping Effectively and Positively with Workplace Stress


Coping with stress at work often comes down to the personal choices we make before, during and after stressful times. This workshop

demonstrates that we can learn individually and as a team how to realize that stress will be part of our everyday workplace world...

but we can learn to minimize it.




Defining Personal Power / Choices

How We Interpret Stress / Know Stress Triggers

Positive Reframing Tips

Ten Stress Reducing Techniques... You Can Do at Home / Work

Bringing Humour To Life and Work

Regaining Perspective

Maximizing Your "Off" Time

Building A "Haven"


It is generic workshop that covers a wide range of solutions

and outlooks about the issues surrounding workplace stress.








The Stress Busting Summit


As our lives get busier and often more complex with work, life and family pressures and stresses, the importance of responding to various stressors become increasingly more important. Join for a "stress busting day" and learn everything you need to know about stress so you can develop a personal plan to ensure that you cope with it in a positive, proactive and productive manner. It is an unrealistic expectation that you will have a "stress free" life and in fact, we need healthy amount of stress in our lives to be able to function.


What can you do when your world seems overwhelmingly stressful? How can you put stress in a healthy perspective and what "tools" can you draw on to mitigate your personal, professional and interpersonal stresses?


Throughout the "stress busting summit", you will likely laugh and chuckle as you learn positive and insightful ways to deal with stress and definitely think about committing new approaches and solutions so you can live with stress and various stressors in a productive manner. The reality is ...the human experience is a stressful ride in life but we must build "shock absorbers" and framework for healthier living, a positive support system, a capacity to live a more balanced life and an ability to laugh and put stress consistently into a useful perspective.





The Abundant Life "Buffet"!


Because of the new diversity of the staff within todayís contemporary workplace, we created full-day workshop. Our approach for this workshop is to present a wide range of skills with something

to satisfy everyone. Our common threads will be on improving communication between people and inside team environments, working together and collaboration, developing a positive attitude and a philosophy of gratitude as an outlook in life, tolerance and sensitivity to people of different approaches to work. The day concludes with a session on how we can all work together to ignite more joy and purpose in our careers and support the people we support with greater purpose.






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