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Presentations To Service Clubs and Community Groups



We are often asked to speak to service clubs and organizations.


We offer special rates, as all these wonderful organizations are non-profit organizations so we will accept a modest honorarium.



"...And Other Duties as Assigned!"


It's not how many years we live ...but the life we put into our years.


All too often we are called on to wear many hats and fulfill

many new responsibilities professionally at work and on

our own private lives with our friends and family. This motivational

and often humourous seminar presents a wide palette of

practical time/ life management solutions, insights on effective living

and "food for thought" as we tackle our increasingly more complex lives.



All for One, One for All: Teambuilding for Success!


This motivational presentation discusses the changing thinking on teambuilding and we now explore true collaboration. The contemporary workplace today more than ever has to embrace a barrier free approach to employees working together for a greater good. An environment where personal accountability means that each person begins to see a need to take responsibility for the quality of work produced. Leaders have to create an open environment of communication and inspire their teams and departments to work together. This presentation provides insights into how progressive teams are created and inspired to collaborate towards the final end product of excellence.


Another Bad Hair Day: How to Roll with Lifeís Ups and Downs and Come Out A Success!


When life throws you lemons, do you know what to do? The longer I live the more I have come to recognize once and for all that we me make our own luck. In fact, the harder we work towards our goals, the luckier we all seem to get. This motivational presentation is guaranteed to get you to stop thinking about all the excuses you use to defer you from your happiness and success and inspire you to live well now! Life is a finite experience and we all have only so much energy and time so what are you waiting for?



STOP That Stinkin' Thinkin'...Now!


We are the sum and quality of our thoughts and a happier, more productive and optimistic life begins in thinking thoughts that take us forward. This enlightening workshop asks each student

to consider the value of "positively focused" thinking. A process of countering and overcoming negative thinking immediately, reframing and redirecting thoughts and becoming more optimistic in your life, career, relationships in yourself.



The Art of Delegation: How to Delegate Responsibility with Respect.


Delegation is a critical leadership skill and one that cannot be ignored. To delegate responsibility with respect builds great people and great teams. In this workshop we will define what delegation really means and how it frees supervisors, managers and those who lead to manage and empowers staff with valuable workplace skills. We'll examine the appropriate attitude and approach to delegating and how to ensure we clearly define the tasks required. It is a step-by-step how to workshop for any level of leadership experience and if learned and applied, will create a more productive and skilled staff and workplace able to be more responsive and service focused.


How to Organize and Conduct Fantastic Meetings!


Discover how to create productive agendas and lead fantastic meetings that ensure enthusiasm, participation and a creative, interactive environment!


Participants ...


... will discover how to build agendas for effective meetings.

... will learn how to be an effective facilitator / leader at a meeting.

... will discover how to get and encourage meeting participation.

... will get ten tips to stay positive and stay on track.

... will understand how and when to delegate and create outcomes.



Laughing at Stress: Humour in Times of Change!


The only constant...is constant change. How we respond to change, and stress is

a personal choice when operating and managing your business.

Keeping your sense of humour and adopting some simple philosophical perspectives might

be the healthiest approach to dealing effectively with stress and change.


Stress happens ... but maintaining your positive attitude and a sense of humour really helps. In fact, how we choose our responses (personally and professionally) through times

of stress defines who we are and who we will become. Those who expect the road ahead will continue to have many twists and turns appreciate this humourous look at change and stress!



Leading Effective Meetings


Discover how to organize and conduct efficient and productive meetings in this comprehensive workshop. Learn how to map out and build an agenda. Ensure effective, balanced group communication and comprehension. Be an effective meeting Chair and facilitate with confidence and great preparation. Design action minutes and improve your meetings with constructive feedback. In short, make your meetings work and make every meeting a mutually collaborative process that motivate and inspires action with effective communication.


Basics of Networking


Networking is about connecting with other people, businesses or even customers at various business functions and social events by enthusiastically presenting our businesses and ourselves. Itís a great opportunity to connect but do you how to do it in such a way as to ensure you come across as sincere and genuinely interested?



Getting Out, Getting Known, And Getting Involved: How to Create Community Awareness!


This workshop provides a comprehensive look at how we can create greater community awareness of the work we do and raise our public profile. The advantages of a raised profile translate into more business opportunities and raises the profile of the profession. We'll examine how to develop relationships, opportunities to become better known in your community and the benefits of improved networking.


T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More


Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is a success!

Collaboration and the spirit of working together is the driving force behind successful people inside successful organizations. This motivational and insightful workshop explores the art and science of collaborative effort, its benefits and how to perpetuate future success.





We would be delighted to hear from you and / or your service club today.



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