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After the Last Bell: Enjoying A Great New Life After Your Career!


With some many employees arriving at a time in life when retirement will soon be a reality, this upbeat and uplifting presentation is designed to unveil the many exciting pathways and opportunities for a good life after retirement.

This presentation provides a wide scope of life solutions and suggestions for the road ahead. We discuss a number of positive new life options and choices for staff to consider for the next stage of their lives. Inevitably, a new life provides new opportunities and the time to prepare for an exciting new stage in life...is now.



Only So Many Hours in A Day!


This time management workshop exams a wide spectrum of practical time saving solutions to ensure we work smart and focused.   Every task and project can be managed more efficiently and as busy as our lives are, we need to find new ways to adapt and evolve with improved time and task management skills.



...And Other Duties as Assigned!


It's not how many years we live ...but the life we put into our years.


All too often we are called on to wear many hats and fulfill many new responsibilities professionally at work and on our own private lives with our friends and family. This motivational and often humourous seminar presents a wide palette of practical time/ life management solutions, insights on effective living and "food for thought" as we tackle our increasingly more complex lives.



Coping Effectively and Positively with Workplace Stress!


Coping with stress at work often comes down to the personal choices we make before, during and after stressful times. This workshop demonstrates that we can learn individually and as a team how to realize that stress will be part of our everyday workplace world... but we can learn to minimize it.



The Ambassadors of Excellence (Admin. Staff)


When you are administrative professional you are often the first point of contact and on the front lines. Your high level of daily professionalism is called on and expected by higher ups but is welcomed by all the other staff, callers and workplace visitors that you come in contact with. This motivational presentation looks at the ten best daily practices that you can implement and become true "ambassadors of excellence" and shine like workplace "diamonds".





Anything Is Possible! (45 min)


This presentation was custom designed for teenagers (15-16 years) who are at a crossroads in terms of the career / job ambitions after school is over. The emphasis is on staying in school, getting to college or university and not settling on anything but a career that will bring them satisfaction.



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