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Back to The Basics:  Effective Selling Skills!


Most sales professionals can always use a good tune-up and tightening on the sales skills. This motivational sales seminar reminds sales pros to brush up on the basics, to remember the important dos and don’ts and make more sales by engaging real common-sense approaches.


How to Provide Business Building, World Class Customer Service!


The customer service advantage is sought by every business but not always realized within the staff. Today’s customers have many ways to source services and products and competition can be fierce. Exquisite customer service, when in experienced from first contact through all levels of the business is the best way to ensure we make a great first and lasting impression…and win the customer away from our competitors.


Teamwork Wins: A How to Guide to Build Teamwork and Achieve Excellence!


Managers and supervisors strive to get their teams to pull together. And when they do, it reflects well on them and on their teams. This motivational seminar is simply structured to show how you can build a stronger team that works towards better goals, gets along and succeeds.


Time Management for Sales Professionals!


In the business world and in particular in the fast-paced world of sales, time is money. This seminar places an important emphasis on learning how to be more disciplined with your time and efforts every day and thus maximize sales productivity. A great seminar especially for those sales staff who are on commission!



Workplace Personalities and How to Work with Them!


Every workplace will have its challenges and one of those challenges is working with other people with sometimes, very different personalities. Discover how to recognize the different personalities you need to work with and how to work with them for improved workplace harmony.



The Future Is Now: Winning and Earning More Sales!


An excellent sales building workshop loaded with very useful tips that span psychology, time management and effectiveness, persuasive presentations, productive closing techniques and referral business strategies. A motivational experience to inspire and reward the valuable sales and marketing team to consider new approaches to generating new and productive results.



Ambassadors of Excellence: Great Customer Service and Relationship Strategies!


It costs so little to provide pleasant service and to be helpful to others and pays such huge dividends to the organization.

This motivational customer service and relationship building workshop will inspire you to discover how great service builds

great connections between people. We will discuss why customer service is so memorable and defining in its nature and how we

can "up" our level of service to others. We will also discover many helpful tips in strengthening our interpersonal relationships

and improve our communication skills.




Full-Day Workshops


Privilege of Leadership: How to Inspire the Best in Others!


This is full-day workshop that explores leadership in a common-sense way and that comprehensively addresses solutions to the common challenges associated with guiding, coaching and directing fellow associates and staff. Building on the lessons of the previous leadership workshop and reinforcing its strongest components, this workshop focuses on the development of character, ethical leadership, personal responsibility and accountability. We will place an emphasis on gaining mutual respect, ensuring clarity in terms of communication, positive reinforcement and tactful correction to ensure a positive and productive workplace environment.


Boot Camp for Improved Sales and Client Development


The perfect workshop for the sales-minded businessperson looking to take a no holds barred look at their sales and client development abilities. Staring with “basic training” and looking at sales skills and a positive winning psychology this workshop exams in great depth the full picture of sales success leading to better customer contacts and a more productive sales approach.


Train the Trainer: A Complete Guide to Ensuring Comprehension, Competency & Confidence!


The best person to train your staff specifically to your companys standards is someone in-house, who really cares about quality of work and excellence. This special person has the dedication and patience to ensure competent staff that satisfies the customer’s needs. This seminar will cover all you need to know to establish an effective training role within your company. Covering in depth methodologies of training, this seminar will guide you to create a training manual and program to ensure consistency. We will discuss methods of building an effective in-house learning program that will build your bottom line with competent, confident staff.






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