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Our Featured Retreat Topics



Typically delivered as full-day workshops, these topics and themes have been selected by organizations that see value in investing a staff / leadership retreat…



Connecting To Communicate: Building Teamwork With Communication!


This interactive workshop aims to meld communication and teamwork into one great learning event for staff. Through various group exercises and intermingled with lots of humour and insights, we learn that teams thrive of communication, familiarity and mutual understanding and gratitude. This workshop would be perfect for larger teams or teams that work apart from other teams. 




Building Stronger Workplace Relationships ...With Effective Communication!


A full day workshop dedicated to defining, developing and improving communication strategies in individuals as they cope with a changing and challenging workplace environment. A comprehensive and often fascinating view on how we communicate to ourselves, coach ourselves, learn and adapt, and how to communicate to others!  This workshop strives to create a foundation for the establishment of new and productive communication habits that are as applicable at work as they are throughout life.


The workshop introduces...


        * the communication “syntax” of “ listen, think, speak!”

        * the art and science of effective listening.

        * improving personal phone skills and written communication.

        * the three primary learning approaches ( auditory, visual and kinesthetic).

        * the four primary personality profiles. ( driver, amiable, analytical and expressive).

        * building self-confidence / minimizing self-criticism / self-doubt.

        * ten ways to make your workplace a more pleasant (and productive) place.

        * developing rapport and building interpersonal relationships.

      * assertive yet non-intimidating personal meetings.

        * coping and communicating with difficult people and challenging situations.

        * resolving conflict and diffusing stressful situations.

        * ten new communication skills that you need to start ... today!!!


Promotional Summary


A very complete communications workshop that strives to demonstrate how building positive communication builds positive workplace relationships.  Before we attempt to communicate our needs, wants and desires, we’ll discover HOW other people listen, interpret and learn.  By discovering how other people learn and interpret information, you can unlock their learning strategy every time and connect accurately and consistently with your message. 



True Leadership For True Leaders!


A full day workshop for existing manager and supervisors to develop the art of leading people to achieve their professional goals and objectives to build a workplace environment in which teamwork and team effort predominate. Building on previously acquired communications skills, this dynamic workshop provides high-level interpersonal leadership skills that foster greater communication, productivity and morale.


The workshop discusses in detail and provides group discussion / exercises in ...


        * the leadership paradigm of L.B.E. ( Leadership By Example).

        * quantifying performance, service excellence (team) and personal excellence ( individual).

        * goal setting (personal vs. team) and goal getting!

        * project planning and leadership / team alignment.

        * ten techniques that can build leadership into leaders.

        * staff empowerment “ redefined “ and refocused.

        * group discussion on -  “competence vs. compliance” / “morale vs. productivity”.

        * attributes and approaches of winning teams through winning coaches / mentors.

            * “full circle” feedback - placement, listening, observing, acknowledging, action, follow-up.

        * the art of delegation, follow-up and constructive feedback.

        * very effective personal and team meetings / “huddles”.

        * time / priority management and team training skills.


Promotional Summary


A comprehensive full-day leadership workshop for managers and supervisors that are seeking solutions and new approaches for common and uncommon leadership challenges.  Built around developing constructive group dialogue, this workshop offers something for every manager or supervisor to take back to his or her teams and evolve their management style into an effective leadership approach.


From morale to motivation, from issues of increasing productivity and improving workplace communication, this day brings a “toolbox” of leadership  techniques to the table and the knowledge of how to apply effective interpersonal skills inside the workplace.




Managing And Mastering Change!


“ It matters is NOT what happens to us in life

      ... BUT our responses and personal choices in times of challenges!”


There are two distinct focuses on change management, both of which are inter-related and interconnected.   We will look at managing change in a constantly changing workplace environment.   We’ll take a long look at the demands of change in our personal lives. At the end of the workshop, we will conclude that change in itself is in fact more of a personal challenge ... of which I believe ... we ARE up to!


The workshop discusses in ...


        Why We May Resist Change

        Not all change is progress ... but all progress requires change!

        Learn why change threatens some folks and synergizes others!


        The Predictability Principle

        Change upsets predictability ... and we like predictability!

        Discover a new paradigm of how to see the world ... and your part in it!


        The Ultimate Personal  Power

        How see / interpret change and your personal response (choice) to it ...

        ultimately defines you. 


        Choices Through Change - Challenges And Opportunities!

        Change IS going to happen. Learn how to see the challenges as opportunities for personal and         professional growth.


        From Change To Transition

        Change is often an event or series of events which is external to our lives.

        Transition is the “re-orientation” that happens inside each of us as we adapt.


        The Adaptability Skill

        Perhaps THE most useful skill that you can nurture in yourself ... is the ability to adapt and evolve!

        Discover the steps in adapting through change.


        Ten Ways You Can Help Others Cope Effectively With A Changing Environment

        Those who can change and adapt ... can learn how to help others with the challenge.


        Taking It Home... Advice To Coping With Change In Your Personal Life!

        Finally, your new skills can be brought “home” into your personal life and the lives of your loved         ones.


Promotional Summary

Every progressive organization changes and this workshop provides practical and positive solutions to help people… help others and themselves through the dynamics of change!   Constant change seems to be the ONLY predictable experience in today’s workplace. How you personally cope with change and help other people through it, says a lot about you, your character and your personal choices and can determine your career success. Learn how to grow, adapt and evolve emotionally, mentally, and intellectually through change and challenge ... and be strengthened by the experience. An uplifting workshop for those folks immersed in a constantly changing life ... or about to be!




Leadership Through Conflict: Opportunities For Growth!


The upside of analyzing and resolving a conflict is that it can be catalyst for both personal and organizational growth. This workshop attempts to better understand the dynamics of conflict and the important role and opportunity that leadership plays in resolution. Progressive leaders learn to see conflict as a dialogue initiator and a process to define and sustain relationships. The end result is that leaders can then create a workplace environment in which conflict resolution becomes an employee-initiated process and to reinforce important leadership concepts that build stronger team based workplaces. An added component of this workshop is a “roundtable” discussion so that leaders can listen to the perspectives and suggestions of group participants.


The workshop explores ...


Overview On Conflict Resolution

Four Perspectives On Conflict Resolution

Changing Our View On Conflict / Common Communication Blocks

Relating Personality Profiles To Leadership / Conflict Challenges 

Six Steps To Resolving Conflict While Sustaining Productive Relationships


        Roundtable Session 1         Statement for discussion ...

         “ I’ve had some success in resolving conflict by ...”


Coping And Communicating With Difficult People

Ten Approaches To Common Leadership Challenges

Four Effective Leadership Models ( Part One)

Four Effective Leadership Models ( Part Two )

Evolving Leadership For The Future...


Roundtable Session 2                 Statement for discussion...

“ If I could change the current management style to one of my own design, I’d  ...”


Promotional Summary


As it is inevitable that conflict will occasionally occur even inside the best teams and with people with strong interpersonal skills, this workshop clearly addresses how any conflict can be a learning and growing experience for the individuals involved and an opportunity for the organization to create useful dialogue through challenging issues.


The core skills in this workshop allow individuals to recognize that leadership styles and personality styles play the most significant determiner of how conflict may occur. In organized “ roundtable formats”,

participants can dialogue and discuss what they’ve learned through conflict and share positive approaches and suggestions.




Building Personal Confidence And Self-Esteem!


This workshop explores self-esteem in depth and expands on the important role it plays in our professional lives. Self-Esteem and self-confidence affects our ability to make confident decisions and choices, assists us in our ability to work through change and challenge and provides the basis for our ability to address criticism and failure in a more productive manner.  Broken into four distinct sections, we’ll spend a day discussing four constructive and positive habits and approaches to building our self-esteem and self-confidence in the workplace.


Lesson # 1.  Improving Our Self-Concept With Improved Internal Communication


Exercise # 1.

Group participants discuss and list the “daily messages” that are personally received in their workplace, their perceptions of what they mean and construct new interpretation and communication to build a more positive approach.


Lesson # 2.  Creating Personal Success Through Creative, Constructive Visualization


Exercise # 2.

Group participants create constructive visualizations to aid in problem solving and “ brainstorming”. A component on “blue-skying” will be introduced with the goal of reinforcing the power and value of imagination and cognitive thinking has on personal value.


Lesson # 3.  Choice Management: 101


Exercise # 3.

Group participants work together to discuss recent events and challenges that they have faced in their workplaces ... discuss how they coped with these challenges ... and learn how they can approach these challenges differently and more effectively in the future.


Lesson # 4.  Supercharging Yourself and Your Self-Esteem Every Day!


Exercise # 4.

Group participants create a master list of solutions on how they can personally through realistic and attainable choices improve their workplace conditions, attitudes and productivity. We develop our self-esteem best through a positive and purposeful environment.



Promotional Summary


We can’t change what happens in life, but we can build ourselves up to be stronger, more resilient, confident individuals ... who can then contribute to making their own world a better place to live and work. Your self-esteem profoundly affects EVERY aspect of your life... learn how to build yourself up, in a challenging world! This workshop has been described as a workshop that empowers and challenges participants to work everyday on their self-improvement ... and to enjoys the benefits of doing so.




How To Stay Positive, Motivated, Focused And Energized!


An empowering half-day workshop that is purely motivational. Originally targeted as a purposely upbeat workshop to raise morale, it is often selected as a “reward” for staff / management that have achieved!


The Ultimate Power Of Personal Choice!

How We Create Empowering Beliefs ... Or Crippling Self-Limitations!

How To Self-Motivate / Coach Yourself

How To Grow A "Success Mentality"

10 Great Ways To Stay Positive, Productive And Focused!

The Five-Minute Daily Pep Talk ...And How To Make It Work!

Creative Visualization For Problem Solving!

Success Strategies That Work!

Coping Effectively With Stress ... Personally!

Daily Personal Time ...How To Regain Your Perspective!


Promotional Summary


Discover how energized, focused and productive people ARE energized, focused and productive. Learn how to “win” before you play. Learn how to consistently coach yourself to succeed through any challenge. Master the inner critic and supercharge your potential through gradual but sustaining personal development. This workshop is a purely motivational experience designed to instill an “I Can” attitude that in time and practice creates an “ I Am” lifestyle.



The Art Of Delegation: How To Delegate Responsibility With Respect!


Delegation IS an essential process in any workplace because we often need the co-operative efforts of others to achieve results. This workshop is ideal for individuals that must delegate responsibility to others and wish to do so in a positive, productive manner!  Delegation can free a manager or supervisor to focus on more important tasks and projects while allowing staff to become more confident and competent with new tasks and responsibilities.


Defining Delegation

Attitude IS Everything

Choose Your Approach

Clarify The Delegated Task(s)

Show Me / Tell Me Technique.

Set Your Limits, Share Your Expectations

How To “Let Go”!

How And Why Freedom With Responsibility Wins Workplace Respect.

Building The Constructive Habit

Final Tips On Delegation


Promotional Summary


Discover how delegation and the appropriate and timely follow-up can build relationships and strengthen your organization. Create WIN / WIN scenarios in every correctly delegated task and witness how responsibility builds morale and productivity.




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