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Five Reasons to Consider Michael Lewis Training, Motivation and Development



1.   Variety / Scope of Topical Material


We offer the widest range of presentations, seminars and workshops of any speaker or trainer in Canada. Simply put, when we work to develop solutions driven content in consultation with our clients, we have developed a long list of topics and titles. Every challenge presented to us provides us the motivation and inspiration to create a new customized presentation or workshop.


2. Experience


We have presented over 5900 professional presentations, seminars and workshops since 1994 to over 700 different clients. We are one of the busiest private training and development businesses in Ontario, averaging 12 to 20 events a month.


3. Versatility


We can easily customize a presentation, seminar or workshop for the needs of my client and their audience. Whereas some speakers and trainers have chosen to provide services to a particular sector or client grouping, we have endeavoured to develop a wide and diversified client group. This keeps us fresh and challenged, therefore our presentations reflect a freshness that many clients recognize and appreciate.



4. Energy, Humour and Real World Relating


We bring a style of presentation that offers energy, enthusiasm, humour and a way to connect on real world issues. One of the lessons that speakers learn early in life is to speak on topics that have personal meaning and relevance.



5. Cost Effective and Affordable


Our fees are geared to the non-profit sector. We keep our costs down with an aim to be purposely affordable to our clients. We speak much more frequently than other speakers so with our increased volume of work, we are able to keep our fees reasonable and realistic. You might be surprised to discover that you CAN get a quality presentation for a very reasonable fee.




We have shared the stage with many different kinds of speakers at conferences and meetings over the years and have endeavored to learn from the best. Consequently, we offer a style and approach that is unique and memorable and one that audiences large and small have enjoyed and have been entertained over the years.





Our Contact Information/ Booking Availability

E-mail: info@michaellewistraining.com

Internet: www.michaellewistraining.com

Telephone: (519) 453-4264 (London, Ontario)



Proudly Canadian.

We are located in London, Ontario.







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