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We collect personal information in the ongoing course ongoing marketing and relationship development from our prospects and present, past clients This personal information may include contact information such as name, address, phone/e-mail/fax, etc. that could be used to identify you and other confidential information.

Information is collected to help us conduct our everyday business operations. It is kept and maintained in the most securest environment possible and is never shared or sold to any external parties or will it ever be.

It is our solemn commitment to ensure your privacy and to that extent we pledge to respect your information as supplied, shared or requested in any communications with us.


Should you have any questions or concern, we can be reached at the contact information listed above.


Michael Lewis

Managing Director

Michael Lewis Training, Motivation And Development

Dated December 2nd, 2004






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E-mail: info@michaellewistraining.com

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London, Ontario

Proudly Canadian.  

We are located in London, Ontario.



If you do what you've always done ...You'll get what you've always gotten...!

If you think what you’ve always thought …You’ll get what you’ve always got…!

New results require new thinking and new action!





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