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Some of My Favourite Presentations And Workshops



"...And Other Duties as Assigned!"


It's not how many years we live ...but the life we put into our years.


All too often we are called on to wear many hats and fulfill many new responsibilities professionally at work and on

our own private lives with our friends and family. This motivational and often humourous seminar presents a wide palette of

practical time/ life management solutions, insights on effective living and "food for thought" as we tackle our increasingly more complex lives.



The Stress Busting Summit


As our lives get busier and often more complex with work, life and family pressures and stresses, the importance of responding to various stressors become increasingly more important.


Join for a "stress busting day" and learn everything you need to know about stress so you can develop a personal plan to ensure that you cope with it in a positive, proactive and productive manner. It is an unrealistic expectation that you will have a "stress free" life and in fact, we need healthy amount of stress in our lives to be able to function.


What can you do when your world seems overwhelmingly stressful?

How can you put stress in a healthy perspective and what "tools" can you draw on to mitigate your personal, professional, and interpersonal stresses?


Throughout the "stress busting summit", you will likely laugh and chuckle as you learn positive and insightful ways to deal with stress and definitely think about committing new approaches and solutions so you can live with stress and various stressors in a productive manner.


The reality is ...the human experience is a stressful ride in life but we must build "shock absorbers" and framework for healthier living, a positive support system, a capacity to live a more balanced life and an ability to laugh and put stress consistently into a useful perspective.




The Abundant Life "Buffet"!


Because of the new diversity of the staff within today’s contemporary workplace we created a new full-day workshop. Our approach for this workshop is to present a wide range of skills with something to satisfy everyone. Our common threads will be on improving communication between people and inside team environments, working together and collaboration, developing a positive attitude and a philosophy of gratitude as an outlook in life, tolerance and sensitivity to people of different approaches to work. The day concludes with a session on how we can all work together to ignite more joy and purpose in our careers and support the people we support with greater purpose.




Twelve Common Monkeys of Life and Work and How to Get Them Off Your Back!


In this motivational presentation, we will explore how to tame twelve common "monkeys" or typical life and work challenges that all have some influence on us from time to time.

We will explore the monkeys of self-doubt, procrastination, personal productivity, getting and staying organized, attitude, interpersonal communication, stress, difficult people / circumstances, worry, the future and change...plus much more.

This will be a great session if you know your "monkey" or "monkeys" in life and would like to get them off your back once and for all.




Guide to Assertive and Effective Communication


A dynamic full-day workshop dedicated to understanding how to be assertive in your communication style without sounding or appearing aggressive or insensitive. To be an effective communicator you need to balance a lot of common-sense interpersonal skills and present the right mix of listening, thinking and articulating skills.


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