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Personal Favourite Presentations, Seminars and Workshops


Over the past 25 years, we have discovered that we have had the pleasure of creating and delivering some favourite presentations, seminars and workshops.

Presented to various organizations and associations, it became clear that these would be a pleasure to deliver again and again.



Dealing with Difficult People: Seven Simple Steps to Success!


A mountain can’t get any bigger, but we can. We can learn how to scale and conquer our people mountains. Throughout your personal and professional life, we will all have to deal at some time with difficult and challenging people and personalities. In most cases, we struggle with the skills we learned based on our past experiences and sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail to be effective and thus our feelings of disempowerment with difficult people are reinforced. This is an inspiring and often humourous presentation presents seven very basic and common sense solutions to enact when you find yourself having to go toe to toe with that special person.



Bringing Back the Renewed Attitude of Gratitude and The Culture of Courtesy!


Whatever happened to folks just extending genuine courtesy to each other? Being pleasant and agreeable in public settings and employing simple gratitude such as a timely and genuine thank-you. Our ability to demonstrate gratitude to be polite and thoughtful is a simple and immediate reflection of our character and who we are. This inspiring presentation will have you immediately examining the world around you and noticing the lack of genuine appreciation and courtesy.



Another Bad Hair Day: How to Roll with Life’s Ups and Downs and Come Out A Success!


When life throws you lemons, do you know what to do? The longer I live the more I have come to recognize once and for all that we me make our own luck. In fact the harder we work towards our goals, the luckier we all seem to get. This motivational presentation is guaranteed to get you to stop thinking about all the excuses you use to defer you from your happiness and success and inspire you to live well now! Life is a finite experience and we all have only so much energy and time so what are you waiting for?


Other Presentations (45 / 60 / 90 minutes)

And Other Duties as Assigned

Immediately popular with audiences, this presentation offers a wide range of helpful tips about life, time, priority and task management.


Believe and Succeed: How Faith Shapes Our Destiny!

How important and powerful is the act of belief and faith as it pertains to the road to success?


Eight Magic Choices of a Fulfilling Life!

A fulfilled life is one in which we make come very conscious choices, choices that shape our lives forever.


Everything I Learned About Life and Leadership...I've Learned from Golf!

A tongue-in-cheek look at the lessons learned in golf and how they translate into leadership and life.


The Great Attitude of Gratitude

A motivational look at gratitude and having an outlook in life that is appreciative.


Happier Holidays: Stress Proofing the Holiday Season!

A presentation that brings helpful and useful tips to what can be a stressful time of the year for many…and delivered with humour.


Laughing at Stress: Humour in Times of Change!

There are many personal and professional choices that we can make when we face the challenges of stress and change …what will be yours?


Making A Difference: Celebrating & Recognizing the Value of Volunteerism & Contribution!

Can you imagine how our world would be without the generous spirit of volunteers?


Privilege of Leadership: How to Inspire the Best in Others!

Leadership is a privilege and when it is delivered and provided at the highest level…it can inspire everyone who follows to be his or her best.


Working with Upper Management: Strategies You Should Know!

Learn to work with the upper powers that be and be a success in your career.




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