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All for One, One for All: Teambuilding for Success!


This motivation presentation places an emphasis on the personal choices we make at work and how those positive choices in time influence the overall atmosphere and morale of those around us.



Assertiveness Not Aggressiveness!


Discover how to be more assertive in your communication style while maintaining all the important elements of a productive relationship. Discover the four key assertive stages in fair, respectful and mutually productive communication. Learn that assertiveness is based on fairness, preparedness, clarity and a desire to work towards positive outcomes.



How to Listen, Think & Speak to Be Heard and Understood!


Effective interpersonal communication is at heart of mutually beneficial relationships. This motivational presentation dissects the communication challenges we face and proposes common sense and easy applied solutions. We willl explore the best methods and practices of ensuring clear, effective communication so that moments of miscommunication between people is minimized and that it doesn't negatively impact important relationships.



Leadership in An Environment of Change: Exploring Practical Solutions for Our Challenges!


Change is constant in any workplace and smart leaders learn that they must manage its transition. The impact of change on those we lead can widely vary so it is critical that we communicate and empathize with the appropriate solutions to challenges to the human element (your staff) as they work in the unpredictable environment of change.



Making Meetings Work: How to Organize and Conduct Effective, Productive Meetings!


Meetings are humorously defined as “events where minutes are kept, and hours are lost”. Making meetings work is about drafting a design and system that will work every time and that everyone’s time is well invested.



Motivating Staff on A Budget!


Your first challenge is having a staff that requires leadership, inspiration, appreciation and recognition. Your second challenge, you have a very small budget. What do you do? How to ensure your staff is upbeat and positive and feel appreciated and how to you motivate them? Discover how in this inspiring workshop!


Optimum Collaboration: How We Work Together to Achieve Excellence!


Discover the results that we can all achieve when we all work together in this motivational workshop. Learn how to create a productive team and an effective client centric collaborative effort that builds team spirit and build better relationships with our customers. Develop a "willing partnership" with everyone in your workplace or job site. Create a workplace attitude and build a real team attitude that ensures improved morale and a right mix between consistent professionalism AND a sense of reward and fun in the work we do.



Workplace Personalities and How to Work with Them!


Every workplace will have its challenges and one of those challenges is working with other people with sometimes, very different personalities. Discover how to recognize the different personalities you need to work with and how to work with them for improved workplace harmony.



The Ambassadors of Excellence (Admin. Staff)


When you are administrative professional you are often the first point of contact and on the front lines. Your high level of daily professionalism is called on and expected by higher ups but is welcomed by all the other staff, callers and workplace visitors that you come in contact with. This motivational presentation looks at the ten best daily practices that you can implement and become true "ambassadors of excellence" and shine like workplace "diamonds".






The Communication Toolbox

There can be no doubt how counterproductive miscommunication and misunderstandings can cost us both personally and professionally. Discover common sense solutions to ensuring you minimize typical communication problems and build the basis of better interpersonal communication.


The Attitude of Abundancy: Nurturing abundancy In Challenging Workplace Environments!


This workshop is designed in mind for the staff / managers that work in challenging workplaces where there will be more stress, change and daily pressures than the average workplace. abundancy is the personal mindset of being willing and able to provide a positive helpful attitude and approach to others at all times and thus the culture of the workplace changes for the better.





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