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Since 1994, we have been presenting workshops, seminars and keynote and plenary presentations to a wide clientele for staff and leadership development.



Assertiveness Not Aggressiveness!


Discover how to be more assertive in your communication style while maintaining all the important elements of a productive relationship. Discover the four key assertive stages in fair, respectful and mutually productive communication. Learn that assertiveness is based on fairness, preparedness, clarity and a desire to work towards positive outcomes.


Building Stronger Workplace Relationships ...With Effective Communication!


A full day workshop dedicated to defining, developing and improving communication strategies in individuals as they cope with a changing and challenging workplace environment. A comprehensive and often fascinating view on how we communicate to ourselves, coach ourselves, learn and adapt, and how to communicate to others! This workshop strives to create a foundation for the establishment of new and productive communication habits that are as applicable at work as they are throughout life.


Communications, Learning, Leadership and Coaching!


This workshop covers for core areas that we will ensure you will agree supervisors need to have both experience but a proficient level of understanding to be effective in their roles.


The Art of Delegation: How to Delegate Responsibility With Respect.


Delegation is a critical leadership skill and one that cannot be ignored. To delegate responsibility with respect builds great people and great teams. In this workshop we will define what delegation really means and how it frees supervisors, managers and those who lead to manage and empowers staff with valuable workplace skills. We'll examine the appropriate attitude and approach to delegating and how to ensure we clearly define the tasks required. It is a step-by-step how to workshop for any level of leadership experience and if learned and applied, will create a more productive and skilled staff and workplace able to be more responsive and service focused.


Optimum Collaboration: How We Work Together to Achieve Excellence!


Discover the results that we can all achieve when we all work together in this motivational workshop. Learn how to create a productive team and an effective client centric collaborative effort that builds team spirit and build better relationships.

Time Well Spent: A Guide to Personal Organization and Self-management In A Busy Workplace!
How well do you value your 24 hours in every day?

How did you invest in time and energy into your 1440 minutes?

When the day's 86,400 finally tick by, are you pleased with how you managed your day and time within it?


"Time Well Spent..." is a motivational presentation that might finally motivate you to look seriously and effectively at the time we all granted everyday ...at work, at home with family, in your interpersonal relationships and even within your own personal life. We all learn that we don't manage our time as we more inclined to see that we learn to manage ourselves through the challenges and opportunities that present themselves every day. Delivered with energy, enthusiasm and humour, this workshop might just

be the best investment of your time you make this year! 



The Privilege of Leadership: How to Inspire the Best in Others


This is full-day workshop that explores leadership in a common-sense way and that comprehensively addresses solutions to the common challenges associated with guiding, coaching and directing fellow associates and staff. Building on the lessons of the previous leadership workshop and reinforcing its strongest components, this workshop focuses on the development of character, ethical leadership, personal responsibility and accountability.


We will place a learning emphasis on gaining mutual respect, ensuring clarity in terms of communication, positive reinforcement and tactful correction to ensure a positive and productive workplace environment. 



Pulling Together: The Power of Partnership and Collaboration!


Individually we can accomplish only so much. Together there is so much more we can do. This motivational presentation talks to the need for partnership and working and pulling together as a team. We’ll discuss the twelve great ingredients that is necessary on every level for teams, groups and even communities to build a foundation on for success as a unified force for good.



Workplace Personalities and How to Work with Them


Every workplace will have its challenges and one of those challenges is working with other people with sometimes, very different personalities. Discover how to recognize the different personalities you need to work with and how to work with them for improved workplace harmony.




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