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Our Most Popular Presentations


Typically delivered as a presentation to a group or audience, these presentations are customizable

by length from 45 – 60- 90 minutes, depending on the requirements of the event.



STOP That Stinkin' Thinkin'...Now!


We are the sum and quality of our thoughts and a happier, more productive and optimistic life begins in thinking thoughts that take us forward. This enlightening presentation challenges the listener to consider the value of "positively focused" thinking. A process of countering and overcoming negative thinking immediately, reframing and redirecting thoughts and becoming more optimistic in your life, career, relationships in yourself.



...And Other Duties As Assigned!


The title comes form the last line on the last page of the typical job description. This is a humourous and often enlightening presentation that combines common sense advice about a number of effective living, time / task and life management skills along with liberal dose humour and of common sense solutions to everyday challenges.



Laughing At Stress: Humour In Times Of Change!


Keeping your sense of humour and adopting some simple and helpful perspectives might be the healthiest approach to dealing effectively with stress and change. Stress happens ... but maintaining your positive attitude and a sense of humour really helps. In fact, how we choose our responses (personally and professionally) through times of stress defines who we are and who we will become.  This humourous look at change and stress is truly appreciated by those who expect the road ahead will continue to have many twists and turns!



Believe And Succeed: How Faith Shapes Our Destiny!


Faith is an unfailing and secure belief in someone or something that does NOT rely or rest on logical or tangible proof or material evidence.


He, who loses money, loses much;

He, who loses a friend, loses much more;

He, who loses faith, loses all.

-    Eleanor Roosevelt


From the cradle to grave, have faith in yourself and your capacity to succeed against life’s challenges.


Our faith in ourselves, our lives and our world lies in understanding how we have coped with our trials of the past and that we can succeed in the future IF we have faith that success is possible.


Choose to see yourself, not as you are…BUT as you could be!



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If you do what you've always done ...You'll get what you've always gotten...!

If you think what you’ve always thought …You’ll get what you’ve always got…!

New results require new thinking and new action!




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