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Popular Presentations For Business People / Leaders


Typically delivered as a presentation to a group or audience, these presentations are customizable by length from 45 – 60- 90 minutes, depending on the requirements of the event.



Entrepreneur…Rhymes With Manure: How To Ensure A Fertile Business!


Growth in clientele and revenue ensures a more secure business against new competitive business forces including new upstart businesses and the Internet.  Its time to think about acting on the opportunities of growing your business in partnership with your staff, suppliers and even your customers!



Selling Made Simple: It's Dollars And Sense!


Today's business owner needs to wear many hats including "Vice President of Sales". Seriously, though if your business is growing to survive and thrive, you need to know how to sell. This fun and insightful workshop shows how you can easily and profitably benefit from making sales happen with your customers.



Win Them With WOW: Delivering ShowTime Customer Service!


You work so hard to earn your customers …now win them with WOW. This motivational presentation focuses on the simple concept of anticipating and exceeding your customer's expectations with an advanced "ShowTime" customer service approach!


Basics Of Networking


Networking is about connecting with other people, businesses or even customers at various business functions and social events by enthusiastically presenting our businesses and ourselves. It’s a great opportunity to connect but do you how to do it in such a way as to ensure you come across as sincere and genuinely interested?


The Hometown Advantage!


Within the rise and popularity of on-line commerce and the omnipresent competitive attraction of larger neighbouring communities, local consumers are often attracted away from shopping for goods and services within their own hometown. The Hometown Advantage is a thought-provoking business presentation that challenges local businesses to a) recognize the new competitive threats and b) to immediately put in place an action plan to regain their local market.



Inspiring Local Heroes!


This presentation addresses and discusses the issue of youth migration from communities and its impact on a community's business resources present and future. When young people leave their home communities to pursue their futures elsewhere...it creates a particular void and drain of local skills. Our aging population means that there will be crisis in replacing labour.


Young people must be provided opportunities to see the value in building lives for themselves within their local communities. They can gain education outside their communities…but need both the rationale and vision to return after to make a life and living in their home areas.



Building The Winning Team:

A Guide To Hiring, Training And Keeping Great Employees!


Great employees can make all the difference when it comes to providing quality work and exceptional service.

This motivational workshop provides  numerous useful tips and great common sense advice on how to interview,

hire, train, lead, motivate, reward and retain employees so that they contribute  to your business success. 

Discover how to get that competitive advantage, grow your business, and reduce your employee “headaches”.

Learn how to place your effort into ensuring your employees are working competently and collaboratively as a

team for your customer’s satisfaction.



All For One, One For All: Teambuilding For Success!


This motivational presentation discusses the changing thinking on teambuilding and we now explore true collaboration. The contemporary workplace today more than ever has to embrace a barrier free approach to employees working together for a greater good. An environment where personal accountability means that each person begins to see a need to take responsibility for the quality of work produced. Leaders have to create an open environment of communication and inspire their teams and departments to work together. This presentation provides insights into how progressive teams are created and inspired to collaborate towards the final end product of excellence.





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